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The word “photography” has Greek roots, meaning “drawing with light”.

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Al Fess is a professional photographer from Berea, Ohio.

With several decades of experience in photography and digital design, Al founded Love Photography as well as Al Fess Fine Arts Photography.

His passion for photography is only surpassed by his passion to photograph the human figure and in particular the female figure and couples. In the 80’s he introduced  Cleveland to Boudoir Photography.

“I know you have visited my site for a reason – because you believe (as I do) that photography really matters and can add depth and meaning to life – not just today, but years down the road.

Someday you will be and look older, today is the youngest you will ever be. A gift of fine art Boudoir photography of yourself is a personal gift only you can give.

When that time comes, you’ll want photographs that succeeded in capturing the beauty, joy and love of those early years.

You know that you’re not going to get that from someone who just “takes your picture”. You want to capture – in all its glory – the beauty that you possess now, because everything will have changed by tomorrow.

Tomorrow will bring another milestone, or another adventure, but “today” will have become “yesterday”, “last week”, “last month”, or “last year”.

One of the great things you can expect from me is to make you laugh, smile, and look your best.”

“Please just click  here to arrange a no obligation Boudoir, Centerfold or Fine Art consultation with me.”

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Al Fess

Mr. Fess was earned the degree of “Master Photographer” and “Craftsman Photographer” from the Professional Photographer of America. Plus many other award and achievements including the coveted


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   Al Fess, master photographer, cr.