Cleveland’s Boudoir & Centerfold  Photographer’s

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time should I allow for my appointment?

Most boudoir – centerfold sessions last between 2 and 3 hours. But consider extra travel time and  hair and make-up. A boudoir or centerfold photography session is not an experience that you will want to feel hurried, so I would plan most of the day 4-5 hours for a fun  and relaxed experience with Cleveland’s premier Boudoir photographer.
Can I bring a friend?
My past and vast experience with boudoir and centerfold photography of both woman and men suggests that it is not a good idea. A friend or loved one can make you feel real uneasy and mentally not allow you to be yourself in the flow of the session. Although I do not suggest it, I also allow an escort or friend under a few guidelines. This is something that I will discuss with you in our pre-session interview. 
Should I cancel if I’m having my period?
This would be a personal preference on your part. If it is the beginning of your cycle it might be more uncomfortable for you. For most woman it is not an issue. Let’s try to schedule your appointment in between periods.
What about make-up and hair?
Depending on the style and location of your boudoir, centerfold or fine art nude session, there is nothing better than a “good” make-up artist and hair stylist to make you look your best. But extra time must be allotted. Makeup usually takes a min. of an hour with hair depending on the style.  With advanced notice we can provide both for you at costs. 
How erotic are the pictures? 

This would depend on you. My feeling is that the the body is beautiful. The whole body! My work expands to all gambits of boudoir photography. The genre of my work is artistic and erotic nude images. But erotic can mean different thing to the beholder. I photograph classic nudes where the labia never shows, to  intimate couples making love. I usually suggest keeping an open mind, I would never photograph you in an unflattering light and never push you to do something you are not comfortable with doing. 

How long will it take for my Boudoir or Centerfold images to be completed?
During a Boudoir or Centerfold usually hundreds of images are photographed. Allowing time for editing I try to have the images ready for you to view within the week. This somewhat depends on my shooting schedule and time of the year. I always try to accommodate you if there is a special deadline. 
How will I view my Boudoir and Centerfold images?
I prefer to personally show you your Boudoir images so that I can explain retouching if needed and products that are available. In some remote situation I can have boudoir and centerfold or nude  available for you to view on line. 
Will my Boudoir, centerfold or nude images appear on your web site for everyone to see?
It would depend on a couple different scenarios. 
  • I would first request your permission.
  • The image would have to be creative and outstanding to be included in my portfolio or blog.
  • Although your name would not necessarily be associated with the image (unless you wish it to) you would want to be sure that it would not harm your everyday work place.

Can I bring outfits to wear for my Boudoir and Centerfold appointment?

If you are scheduling a Boudoir session certainly I would love for you to bring sexy and flattering lingerie.  Sometimes partners and lovers desire that so I have no problem taking  images with special lingerie. I do feel that accessories and parts of clothing sometimes add to the image. Such as hats, gloves, shoes, scarfs, materials etc. The main focus of my centerfold and  artistic nude photography is timeless nude art. Remember that lingerie and clothing will date an image. 



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