RAVES – “Testimonials”

 Cleveland’s Boudoir & Centerfold Photographer

Al Fess is getting rave reviews from clients:


I love these Al! You freaking rock!  Tyffani











Antioch College Amphitheater

Hey Al,
Thank you so much for the pictures. I love them. they are fantastic.

I appreciate you photographing me. I had a lot fun.

Aerospace Center
Aerospace Center
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame












This was an exceptionally fun shoot (which I can’t believe I’m saying considering how much I detest mornings!) Indeed it was and these are great! The Rock Hall ones look amazing! What a shame we got kicked out so quickly. Ian loves the sepia one with the vines. I particularly like the black and white one with me on the bridge piece with my leg up on my knee. Thanks! Amy


“Ooh, that is gorgeous! Thank you! I’m so looking forward to seeing the rest.” Windy



Oh my goodness! Still in shock it’s me on the photos but love them! Love the snow my favorite and the chain was is crazy! Lol in a good way!
Julia Kristi  2015Cleveland Boudoir nude with chains 10x7_9106


Haha! You definitely brought out the creativity in me 🙂

I am SORE today and it took 3 showers to get all that dirty off!! 🙂

by Jody


“I had an amazing time working with you! The images are great, I can’t wait to see the final product! You truly are talented. I hope to see you again next year!” Kim S.


Abandoned house and hayloft

I love the hay ones. The ones in the house turned out really nice. I’m glad you made me do them. I think I like the bw best, but it really depends on the shot. Jessica