April is Spiked & Dreaded

Naked in Pines

She wanted me to reproduce an image that I had done two years ago in Land O’ Lakes, Fl. I told April if the location is still there that I would be happy to try. Here is the image that I took of Elan in 2014. F0133smWell, as it turned out the location is being developed and the picturesque lader has been removed.  So I needed to find a new location to interest April.


Naked in Pines
Nude in row of pines
Whirling naked


I was staying at Lake Como Nudist Resort so I asked their permission to take a few image on the grounds . While at the resort I ran into an old friend Ron Duval who is a real estate agent. I inquired to him if he knew of any locations and he suggested a property near the resort. I think it worked out very well but you be the judge. 


The dock overlooking the lake was a perfect spot for me to try some slow exposure lighting effects. It was great fun but it was hard to keep April sharp.  the next time will be better.


Lights Rotation nude
Nude Whrilathon


Colored Light on boat with nude

Nude and Lights
Sparkling Visions


Shattered Glass Nude
Blue NudeNaked in treeTree Nymph



Tree nude
ScoutinGator Bait
Nude in Jungle
Jungle Girl
Nude in Swamp
Gator Bait