Ballet Instructor Jenni Haskey

Jumpin' Jenni


Photographing Ballet Dancers have always been an interest to me but I have had very few opportunities to accomplish and fulfill my ambition. Recently Jenni responded to an ad that I placed asking for a ballet dancer for one of my art projects. After speaking with her she tells me that she is the owner of Pulse Dance Studio 661 Broadway Ave, Bedford, OH 44146  Call Jenni at:    (440) 941-2238

Cleveland Ballet Leap
A leap over Cleveland


Ballet Skyline


Better Twice

Skyline Performance

Ballet dancer of the Cleveland Skyline














Pleasant Ending

Jumpin' Jenni
Jumpin’ Jenni





Sunset Serinade

Day's End
Days End


Fly Fly
Fly Away Fly Fly

















Al Fess Photographer-Artist

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Skyline Orb
The Orb