Cincinnati Abandoned House

I met Kayla at a motorcycle photo shoot in the early part of 2016. I was a bystander at the bike shoot and just coming off knee replacement surgery so I was in no shape to shoot for any length of time. While Kayla was waiting the set to get ready for the bike shoot I asked her to pose for a few images. She lit up the camera immediately. We tried to get together for a photo shoot during the year but never seemed to quite hook up.

Later in 2016 she moved back to her home town of Cincinnati so the distance added to our inability to shoot together. Finally this August I decided to take a little trip to Cinci just to photograph Kayla. I was lucky to hook up with an old photographer acquaintance in Werner Lobert, a very fine arts and nude photographer that specializes in black and white nudes and beautiful landscape photography. Werner had a great location picked out for us to shoot at. 

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Remember nude is not lewd, nude is natural!

The first few images are from the 2016 bike shoot. 

Now we move ahead to August 21, 2017