Cleaveland Boudoir Nude Portraits with Lola

Lola was recommended by a friend and this is my second time photographing with her. Each time we work together it gets better and more creative. I am excited to create beautiful boudoir and fine art nudes with her.

When you are thinking of designing your boudoir portrait session, think of some fun activity themes that can help you get comfortable for the camera.  Above Lola sexily teases a whistle pretending to be a referee.  As simple as it may be, it’ll help you think of something besides ‘trying’ to be sexy, relaxing your guard a little and bringing out your natural personality – the sexiest part of you.  Not everyone can act like a Victoria’s secret angel, even if they look like one.  Becoming comfortable in your own skin is a benefit of boudoir portraits that boosts your self confidence and self-esteem.  

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