Model Portfolios


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You don’t have to be a model….                                                                              …to have a professional portfolio made.

For those of you that have an interest in modeling the best place to start is with a series of professional images. My many year of experience will start your career off correctly.

Striking head shot
Beautiful Model head shot
head shot
Hi-Fashion head shot
Model Head Shot


Model head shot
Hi- Key

We begin with images required in most ports. Head shots, 3/4 length and full length images are all included. It is a fun experience to ham it up a bit for the camera. Afterwards we will edit the images and pick the best. If you wish I will then assist you in setting up your on line portfolio, putting your best face forward where thousands of photographers and agent can view your look and style.


3/4 Length of Heidi

                 You will start making money within days!

You don’t have to be 5′ 10″ and skinny as a rail to be a model. If your sights are set on New York, London and Paris those are the standards but there is plenty of paying jobs for attractive model in various sizes and shapes. Not everyone has the look, style, ambition and drive that it takes to be a model. Modeling is hard work but it can also be very rewarding creatively and monetarily. 



Tied up
3/4 Length in Sepia


1 hour session is $75.

2 hours session $140

additional time and/or hair and

make-up stylist available at an additional cost.

Call  or text me for a free no obligation consultation!!

Al Fess Master Photog., Cr.



Model on Bridge
Full Length on footbridge
Red Neglligee
Red Negligee
Antique Parlor Doors
Quetta at the Parlor Doors


Sunset Harpist

I love photographing in unusual places 

Graffiti Hannah
Hannah and the Wall

contrasting a beautiful woman with steel,

concrete and rust. Abandoned buildings, junk yards,old warehouses, factories and houses are some of my favorite locations.



Female nude form
Female Form
Wes Profile
Wes Ykema












YES, Yes I do photograph men also!

                           But I must admit…


     my preference is the female form!

Luke Hung
Hung Well







Hard Body Cowboy




Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach

Chest of Luke








Kevin Profile
Profile of Kevin












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