Naked Cleveland

Naked Cleveland

I can’t imagine a much better photo shot that I had with model Daisy Von this summer. Our goal was to visit a couple of the Cleveland Signs and The Cleveland Cultural Gardens and if there were not too many people around we would shot art nudes in those locations. We stopped at the Abby road Cleveland sign first and just one person was there and soon got on her bike and traveled on. We had to dodge a little traffic with that being a bus route but manage to get a lot of images.

Remember nude is not lewd, nude is natural!



Next to Voinovich park across from the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and a great view of the city skyline. I thought the skyline could use a little artistic help and we we lucky enough arrive at the Cleveland sign when hardly anyone was in the area. It was perhaps a little after 10 am and just one family was there and they took their cell phone picture and then kept walking away from the area with their backs  facing us. Here was our opportunity to create some fun nude images on the Cleveland sign. 





No incidents and I don’t even think anyone even noticed we were shooting nudes.

Off to the MLK blvd, formerly called Liberty Blvd to check out some of the  cultural gardens and see what trouble we could get into. We decided to go to the Italian gardens. Over my several decades of photographing wedding I knew the location very well and it also just happened to be the location where Daisy is planning on having her wedding ceremony in 2018. There was one lady there doing yoga and although we  respected her space, she saw my tripod on my shoulders and finished her routine and quietly walked away. I guess I have a way of scaring off people. I know if that is a good trait but in this case it was perfect. Okay now disrobe and lets get to work (fun).   


Fountain 1st!

















A great art photo session with a wonderful and may I say daring young lady.  Call or text me for your personal session. You don’t have to be a model to look like one in front of my lens. Text Al at 216-401-5588