Skinny Dippin’

Hot Tub Nude

As a kid it was always so much fun to go Skinny Dippin’ in a local Cleveland, Akron or Canton swimming hole or stream. I even took swimming lessons at the local YMCA and suits were not allowed. It was such a freedom to not have a wet bathing suit when I got out. On vacations we would go to the Georgian Bay, Canada and canoe and swim naked all the time. Even as a young adult we enjoyed the nude beaches of  Blacks , Baker and Rodeo Beach  in So Cal. Also Harbin Hot Springs retreat near Calistoga, Ca. I enjoy passing on the experience of freedom from textiles to my clients here in Berea ( near Cleveland) in my backyard in ground pool, Jacuzzi.

Cleveland's Boudoir photographer creates fine art nudes
Centerfold Jacuzzi Style







Jacuzzi Nude
Butt I like it!






Naked Snowflakes
Winter or Summer
Naked in Hottub
Jacuzzi Butt

Nude Wading

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A nude woman in a swimming pool