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I am always looking for some way to create different images in my Berea Cleveland studio. Boudoir photography does not always have to be soft romantic (boudoir) bedroom sets. I recently installed a new chroma key (green screen) background in my studio. This now allows me to create a multitude of abstract and scenic backgrounds for my clients. They add a little spice and intrigue to your fine art nude, centerfold or boudoir session.

Headshot portrait
Portrait with Blue Glass background inserted


Cleveland boudoir with green screen
Green Screen background



Cleveland's Playhouse Square behind nude
Chroma key green screen
Nude butt with wine and heart background
Heart background
Green screen nude
Chroma Key Flower

Draped in WhiteElegant ProfilePole DancingRope and Nude WomanBlue lingerie

Hot Red Undies


OHIOSteam-punkTable Set to Naked 

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