Samantha and the Grinder

Sparked and Naked

Samantha and the Grinder

This was a test shoot to do a light painting with a grinder and a piece of steel. I originally saw the technique  from photographer Adam Chilson and just wanted to try it out for myself. Sam was a great subject and she told me it just tingled a little but did not hurt. My assistant was very careful to stay a distance from Sam.
Sparked and Naked
Sparked Rear
Rear sparks
Sparked Ass
Naked Sparks
Devine Nude
It was time to cool Sam down so we gave her the ice cube treatment. Yikes that must have been cold!Naked Ice Jam
Kool Kool Kitty
Frigid Nude
Kool Kool Kitty

Time to warm the poor girl back up. A trip to the Jacuzzi did the trick very well.  Sam is such a great sport and willing to try anything!Hot Tub Nude

Warm and Naked
Butt I like it!
Naked in Hottub
Jacuzzi Butt

Finally a fun wrapping in gauze just for the fun of it. Great session and great subject!head wrapped nude

Blue Eyed