Sharon Small

InfraRed Nude

Naked and Abandoned

For Florida it was a cooler and windy day in March. I only had a couple of short hours to photograph Sharon. I selected an area in Lutz, Fl. that I had passed several time and it looked interesting. There was a abandoned house on the property with a barn and also an animal shade shed. With the short amount of time we had to work I felt we could come up with some interesting images. We started with window light and a low dresser or night stand. Immediately Sharon was eager to pose and work with the limited (only) prop that was available at the property. 

nude Dresser
Misc. Drawer

Ass Dresser


Nude in Dresser

Undressed with Dresser
Undressed with Dresser

Nude Woman with Barn

  An InfraRed series of nudes images with an old barn and on a hilltop.

InfraRed Nude

Nude Rejotce
Naked Rejoice

Looking Naked Hilltop and Nude

Nude Rear