The Naked Violinist

Nude Violinist

The Naked Violinist


Water has been my theme this summer so we go above and below water with Charlotte and her (a)  violin.

Note:All images appearing are with the permission of the client.

Please call or text Al Fess at 216-401-5588 to set up your exclusive photo session above or below water or make an appointment for a free no obligation consultation.

Please note:Images are posted with the permission of my client.

Nude infrared with colour_1823
Simulated colour


naked violinist
InfraRed Naked Violinist
Naked Violinist
In Search of the Lost Chord

Nude underwater woman

Nude Violinist
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topless mermaid

Every woman wants to be a mermaid. Call or text me (Al Fess) for your exclusive session at 216-401-5588 or friend me on Facebook.

Nude mermaid
It’s fun to be a Mermaid
Naked Grace Underwater
Grace underwater






Naked Underwater_4767

Nude Abyss