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            URBAN NUDES

Cleveland,Ohio offers such a wonderful urban setting for artistic nude and centerfold style of photography that is my specialty. 

Man walks the footbridge while woman poses nude
OOOPS Caught Naked

The footbridge is located over I-71 on Cleveland’s near south east side. I love the way the structure compresses with my 300 mm lens to offer a striking composition. I must credit my fellow lens-man Leroy Crayton for turning me on to this location. 

Situations do sometime occur as was the case with this centerfold session. A young man came walking up the footbridge just as I was about to photograph my subject with her legs spread wide. I noticed him first as she turned to me for instructions and I just kept shooting as he passed by. My client Jessica, although stark naked, never even flinched even after she noticed him. I had previously prepared her for such an occurrence. The irony of the situation is we were finished shooting at that location a short time afterwards and went back to the vehicle to pack up when Jessica realized her wallet was missing.  The young man had vandalized my truck while we were preoccupied.  So if anyone knows who this crook is please call the police. LOL. A lesson learned in urban photography.



Centerfold nude, industrial, graffiti,
Nude Urban Exploring

Our next location that we selected was the old abandoned Westinghouse plant on the east side of Cleveland. I had previously scouted out the this abandoned factory and I was just waiting for the right client to come along. It is such a huge building and we only explored a portion of the building. The main room has a series of large pillars with lots of light pouring in from a series of half broken out large windows. The graffiti artist have, of course, also been there helping to decorate. There are several floors with an interesting series of industrial stairways. One in particular offered a large window for beautiful lighting. Whenever possible I try to use natural light to expose my images. The word natural says it all. I love the quality of light on a nude body and I really enjoy “finding” the light source and placing my subject within that light to create a striking image. The other thing that is of interest in urban structure is the contrast of a smooth naked body against a sometime rough industrial setting. The contrasts are remarkable and the composing the image on location is a delightful challenge. I hope you enjoy the images that appear with my clients permission. Comments are welcome or use the contact page if I can assist you further. al fess

Naked lying on Floor
Nude Flooring